Sheath & Teats Cleaning

Checking your horse’s udder or sheath health is another responsibility that comes with caring for a horse.


The goal of cleaning is to lower any risk of irritation and infection by removing the smegma. These are waxy secretions which can vary from a moist to a dry and crusty build up and collect in this sensitive region. When smegma accumulates, discomfort and irritation in the skin of the sheath and penis may occur. Buildup can attract insects and is an excellent medium for bacterial growth. It also allows to examine the sheath for any signs of sarcoids, melanomas and infections.

Mares also have glands within the skin of their udders. Normal secretions mixed with sweat and dirt cause the accumulation of brownish black material that is found between the teats and can make the mare itchy.


A thorough sheath/ teats cleaning should be done every 6-12 months- depending on your horse.