Magnetic therapy


Magnetic Therapy has been around for over 2000 years and is a popular therapy method for leisure and performance horses. It can offer enhanced healing and rehabilitation benefits through increased circulation to damaged tissues.

It may act as a form of pain relief and speed recovery time from injuries such as:


  • soft tissue injuries and general stiffness
  • circulatory problems
  • bone conditions
  • hoof conditions

How does it work?

Magnetic Therapy works by properly aligning cells and creating energy in a specific area. Blood flow providing proper nutrients is encouraged and increases cellular activity. Therefore the rate at which the body’s cells regenerate and repair is positively influenced.

Magnets do not heal. It is the magnetic field the magnet strength in equine equipment generates which influences and penetrates through muscle and tissue.

Gauss - What does it mean?

Gauss is a unit of measurement that is used to describe the strength of a magnetic field in a particular area.

A therapeutic magnet should be a minimum of 800 Gauss to penetrate through the skin, into the tissues and increase blood flow.

How do I apply Magnetic Therapy?

All horses can benefit from magnetic therapy. It is thought to assist the body’s natural healing process and to speed up recovery.

I use following treatment technology to provide extra blood flow stimulation, to help relieve issues such as stiffness, to ease muscle soreness, to aid in arthritis discomfort, to ease pain in general and to promote relaxation:


  • Nikken Massage Roller (800 Gauss):

Internal magnets simulate the Earth’s natural magnetic field. It has specially engineered components that add increased stimulation to its fluid rolling action. It relaxes muscles and tendons, increases circulation and is designed to massage the spinal column.


  • Dura-Tech Magnetic Sheet (1100 Gauss):

It offers a therapeutic method of accelerated healing and recovery with over 90 magnets. It helps to increase blood flow, to reduce inflammation and to ease soreness.


  •  Dura-Tech Magnetic Crown Piece (3000 Gauss):

It relaxes excited or nervous horses. Magnets are positioned over the poll close to the Atlas vertebra to calm your horse.


  • Dura-Tech Magnetic Ankle Wraps (1100 Gauss):

They have 5 magnets each and have proven effective to speed healing by increasing blood flow. They are ideal for treating horses with sesamoiditis, occelets, wind puffs and other injuries to the fetlock area.


  • Professional’s Choice Magnetic Bell Boots (1100 Gauss):

They are ideal for horses with hoof problems and make the healing benefits of the magnets easier to apply directly to the hoof.


Please Note:

Obtain veterinarian advice regarding the use of magnetic therapy for injury rehabilitation.