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I grew up in Germany and always felt passionate about horses. I was very fond of dressage and when I moved to Canada ten years ago I took interest in the Eventing discipline. I explored the fun and challenge of Cross- Country and travel regularly to Ireland to improve my horsemanship and jumping skills in amazing countryside.
Despite moving around quite a bit and a busy career my love of horses has always remained strong throughout my life. As I wanted to include horses in my professional life, I decided to combine my passion with the occupation of an Equine Sports Massage and Vertebral Realignment Therapist.
I offer my services in the Northern Alberta area and other locations.


I attended The School of Equine Massage and Rehabilitation Therapies under the mentorship of Sidonia McIntyre who has over 30 years of equine and human massage experience.I graduated as a Certified Advanced Equine Sports Massage &Vertebral Realignment Therapist after successfully completing the 306 hour program.

I also received a certification from the Okanagan School of Natural Hoof Care. I successfully completed the online theory and 6 day hands ontraining course in barefoot trimming. It covers in depth hoof anatomy and function and the mechanics of barefoot trimming with no less than 40 hours of practical training.

I am always keen on enhancing my equine knowledge and study with Equine Guelph University online.

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